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Looking back at 2023: Validic’s proud moments and product improvements

Date: 01.25.2024

Healthcare is hard. Really hard.

Our CEO, Drew Schiller, recently echoed the sentiments of many who work in this complex and ever-evolving system we call the U.S. healthcare industry during a DHV Leaders Annual Strategic Review held in January. 2023 saw many challenges for healthcare providers, health systems, and healthcare technology companies, not the least of which is the continued burnout and exodus of healthcare workers constraining an already fragile care delivery system. Projected clinician shortfalls relative to an increasingly aging and chronically ill population will only exacerbate the situation.

Still, the promise and continued maturation of digital, remote, and virtual care technologies is a bright spot, as organizations look to prioritize clinical efficiency, site-of-service optimization, patient and provider experience, and personalization.

At Validic, we work to create a world where every person can live their best life. We launched in 2010, while considering how our daily activities matter greatly to health and longevity. We recognized that people use thousands of personal health apps and devices, creating data locked behind phones and other devices. So we built what is now the largest health IoT platform in the world, with the goal of making everyday data part of everyday healthcare.

Below are highlights and proud moments of 2023. Our work is guided by our clients and our mission of improving the quality of human life by making personal data actionable.

Validic Logistics acquisition

Our proudest moment in 2023 was the acquisition of the assets of Trapollo, now Validic Logistics, from Cox Communications. With the acquisition, Validic rounded out its core capabilities and became the company best positioned to make personalized healthcare a practical reality for clinicians and patients.

Validic’s EHR-integrated healthcare application ingests remotely collected health data from the world’s largest health IoT platform to help healthcare organizations personalize chronic condition management, remote care, and support for healthy living. Adding in-house device logistics and technical support to a platform built for scale means that Validic offers the most proven way for healthcare providers to personalize care for their entire patient population. 

The Validic Logistics team continues to shine, recently setting a new one-day shipping record of 449 shipments to customers, beating the previous one-day record by 102 shipments. In 2023, the team shipped 462,524 medical devices and received back and processed 516,231 devices.

Integrations, platform enhancements, product improvements

Validic is best known for our superior integration capabilities through our health IoT platform and standard EHR integrations with Epic and Oracle Health.

Our health IoT platform is the largest ecosystem of connected health devices and apps, efficiently streaming continuous, near-real-time personal health data from 570+ home health and wearable devices. Clients access blood pressure, pulse oxygen, blood glucose, heart rate, weight, temperature, sleep, nutrition, respiratory, activity data, and more through a single, endpoint connection.

Last year, Validic announced new integrations with Smart Meter cellular-enabled connected devices, Withings Health Solutions cellular smart scales and blood pressure monitors, Omron blood pressure monitors, Zewa cellular devices and 11115 thermometer, Dexcom G7 continuous glucose meter, Roche INR meter, Oura ring, and A&D blood pressure monitors.

Our applications and integrations teams worked tirelessly to deliver new features and functionality throughout 2023, including 31 discrete items released in our EHR-integrated personalized and remote care application and 52 new features between our platform and mobile products.

Key highlights include:

EHR-integrated personalized and remote care application

  • Standards-based Epic EHR integration with the SMART/FHIR app in Epic hyperspace and discrete data written to Epic flowsheets

  • Logistics integration and seamless device ordering - a new workflow that allows clinicians to order devices for patients during program enrollment from within our EHR-integrated application

  • Email templates per program with custom branding options

  • Manual reading entry option, displayed as patient-entered within the clinician view

  • API program status transition web hook support, an easier way for clients to be alerted to program status changes

HealthBridgeTM patient mobile application

  • Charts and graphs showing weekly trends and last-entered reading

  • User profile, allowing patients to see what contact information a clinician has for them and in what programs they are enrolled

  • Manual data entry option

  • Navigation redesign and improved user experience

Market accolades

Validic was proud to be named a Top Remote Patient Monitoring Company by AVIA Marketplace and a Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work in Healthcare. In addition, Validic received the Best Overall Connected Healthcare Solution from MedTech Breakthrough. Our CEO, Drew Schiller, was recognized by Parks Associates as a 2023 Top Leaders in Connected Health

Looking forward: Making personalized care the standard of care

In 2024, Validic will continue working to make personalized healthcare a reality for clinicians and patients, using the data patients already collect and want to share with their healthcare providers. The applications for using this data to transform how healthcare is delivered and to improve health are endless.

As our CEO wrote last summer, we live in a personalized world - it’s time to personalize care.

If your organization is on a similar journey to high-touch, efficient, and personalized, patient care, we’d love to talk to you. Get in touch at or drop us a line at

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