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How We Help / Improve Care Plan Adherence

Increase care plan adherence and health outcomes

More than 40% of patients who misunderstand, forget, or ignore healthcare advice are at risk for a health condition. At Validic, we believe a well-designed remote care program makes the technology as invisible as possible for the patient. Patients measure readings when necessary and receive easy follow-up interactions when something is off-track.

woman taking her blood pressure
Simple reminders encourage patient responsiveness

Patients take quick readings and, if everything is fine, move on with their day. No need to respond to a message, click a link, open an app, or check in with a provider.

Achieve buy-in from patients at scale.

Improved coordination and hand-offs between care team members is the most-cited reason for high satisfaction with our program (70%).

Simple = Sticky

A simple reminder or brief follow-up interaction is the best way to keep patients engaged, Across a 160,000 patient population, 75% were still accurately capturing and sharing metric daily 90 days after enrollment.

Happy, loyal patients

Simple interactions ask patients a few questions, and provide responses directly to providers for follow up. Across more than 160,000 participants in Validic programs, 75% still capture and share metrics on a daily basis, 90 days after enrollment.


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