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How We Help / Patient Satisfaction

Improve patient satisfaction and retention within your health system

Health systems can lose up to 30% of patients due to lack of engagement in care and low patient satisfaction. With Validic, patient data is available directly in the EHR, enabling care teams to engage patients more frequently and efficiently when needed, and help patients feel cared for every day.

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Positively impact patient care.

More than four out of five patients said they would recommend our solution to a family member or friend. One patient population integrated Validic and saw a 23.7% increase in new users.

An easy-to-use solution that fulfills patient needs.

92% of providers say our solution helps them deliver better-quality care. 98% of patients had a satisfying user experience.

More satisfied patients through better care team coordination.

Improved coordination and hand-offs between care team members is the most-cited reason for high satisfaction with our program (70%).

Better outcomes lead to real dollar savings and higher patient retention.

Patients using our program reduced their A1C by an average 1.25%. A 1.25% reduction in A1C can lead to spending 54% less in chronic condition-related costs ($500 - $1.4k annually).

Well-designed remote care means happy, loyal patients.

Across more than 160,000 people who have participated in Validic programs, 75% of patients still capture and share personal health data 90 days after enrollment.

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