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How We Help / Enrich Population Health Programs

Enrich population health programs, improve quality performance

Operating effectively and efficiently in a value-based care environment means delivering high-quality, evidenced-based, and patient-centered care while continuously driving cost savings for your patients, members, and community. The cost savings come not only from dollars saved in treatment and earned through additional quality payments but also from simplified, tech-enabled workflows. We work with population health leaders to augment their analytics, care management, and quality improvement initiatives using remotely collected health data integrated into their EHR.

population health management
Close care gaps easily without manual data entry

Improve quality measure performance with a tech-enabled workflow for controlling high blood pressure in your hypertensive patients. Automated remote blood pressure capture and integration into the discrete medical record means less end-of-year scramble and fewer manual processes  to meet quality performance goals.

Increase quality payments

In a value-based care environment, you earn higher quality payments by helping patients stay healthy and out of the hospital, and manage their chronic conditions. Enrich your population health analytics and clinical practice protocols with remotely captured patient health data and earn higher quality payments when you exceed quality improvement thresholds.

Simplify medication and care management

Reduce the steps and clinical resources needed to manage your patients’ medications and chronic conditions. Remotely capture and integrate weight, blood pressure, pulse oxygen, blood glucose, and temperature into your Epic or Oracle Health EHR. Streamlined review of clinical information and medication adjustments means less back-and-forth routine communication and more meaningful time with patients.

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