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How We Help / Enhance IT Security

Run dozens of remote care programs with one secure, EHR-integrated solution 

The average hospital employs 3.2 FTEs to conduct 500 hours per month of vendor risk assessments. However, that’s not enough due diligence to ensure security, privacy, and compliance, given the average hospital maintains relationships with more than 1,300 different health IT vendors.

Contracting, coordinating, and managing multiple vendors is a huge burden. Even more so if they don’t integrate fully with your EHR. Validic provides the only fully EHR-integrated solution for enterprise-wide remote care. Reduce your tech spend, security risk, and vendor footprint with a solution your physicians will love.

One EHR-integrated solution, multiple use cases
Maximize the investment you’ve already made in your EHR with a fully integrated remote care solution that can be used for every patient in your system. Help your care teams be more efficient and effective with their time and resources, and realize more value and ROI across the enterprise.
Fewer vendor endpoints, less patient data “out in the wild”
Stop contracting, coordinating, and managing multiple vendors with point solutions that don’t do what you need and open your network up to additional risk. With one endpoint from Validic’s HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-certified, and ISO 27001 certified platform into your EHR, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your patient data is safe.
No new signs-on for your care teams
With Validic’s digital health and remote care platform, all the data is available in the clinical workflow with discrete data written to EHR flowsheets. Your care teams won’t need new sign-ons and passwords, and you won’t have additional “shadow IT” to manage.

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