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How We Help / Clinical Quality & Outcomes

Save time and improve patient insights to drive better patient outcomes

Burnout is a leading concern for healthcare workforces today. Our platform integrates patient health data directly into the clinical workflow, helping providers maintain high care levels in less time.

Improve efficiency through clinical workflow integration

88% of providers said the Validic program helps them save time. We help reduce provider-patient call times by 63%, creating 500 additional clinical hours each year.

Avoid high-acuity encounters with earlier issue detection

Program participants had 30% fewer hospital admissions, and 35% fewer emergency department admissions. We've helped populations reduce SBP by 12%, reduce blood glucose levels by 15%, and revert Stage 1 and 2 hypertension to normal ranges.

Save development and integration costs

One provider saved $1.5 million in development costs reserved for device integration. Another saved $500k - $1 million in integration costs to support personal health data in workflows.

Regular, accurate readings become better clinical decisions.

92% of providers say that Validic program helps them deliver better-quality care. 75% of patients recording daily readings said they receive better care in the device-driven program.

We save providers 500+ hours each year.

Our solution improves care accuracy and health outcomes across 200 patient populations and more than 2 million connected lives.

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