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Validic's newest product feature, data sources and upcoming releases

Date: 07.27.2021
Brian Carter, Chief Operating Officer

Hello friends, and happy summer! We’ve got another batch of exciting updates to share with you here at Validic. From new data sources to a whole new way to onboard your patients and members, we are always working on helping you connect with your population efficiently and effectively.

All aboard the HealthBridge Express

One of the biggest challenges of remote patient monitoring programs can be standardizing a process for onboarding patients or members of a program. Our Impact solution has always made it easy to invite patients, personalize care protocols, and to enable patients to set up their own home-use medical devices. To make this onboarding process even easier and passive for patients and providers, Validic recently announced our newest product feature, HealthBridge™ Express

With just a couple clicks from within Validic Impact, providers can now order a pre-configured kit — complete with a tablet device and relevant clinical devices — that arrives with the member’s account, device connections, and cellular internet connectivity already set up. All the patient has to do is take it out of the box and start using it to better manage their chronic conditions in partnership with their care team. This pre-kitted solution is ideal for your high-acuity or less tech-savvy patients. HealthBridge Express helps you reach the most patients in your population, as quickly and easily as possible.

With the release of HealthBridge Express, Validic is the only platform to support the spectrum of program deployment models: from 100% bring your own device with more than 500 supported devices, to out-of-the-box kits sent directly to the patient, and the range of options in between. In addition to these pre-configuration capabilities, HealthBridge Express also includes additional technical support and logistics coordination via our preferred supply chain partners — furthering your ability to get members up and running quickly. To learn more about HealthBridge Express, check out our recent press release.

Data source news

Our Data Sources team is busily working with our partners to add new data sources to our platform. Over the past few months we’ve expanded our mobile and cloud-based data source offerings to include:

  • New Bluetooth devices in the Validic Mobile SDKs
    • Foracare IR20b thermometer
    • Omron 7 Series (BP7350) blood pressure cuff
    • Welch Allyn Series 1700 blood pressure cuff
    • Zewa UAM-820BT blood pressure cuff
  • Apple Health Stand Hours
    • Our Apple HeathKit integration now gives your application visibility into all three of the Apple Watch activity rings.
  • Lose It! cloud integration
    • We now support nutrition and body weight tracking via the Lose It! App.
  • BioTel Care cloud integration
    • We have also added support for the cellular-based BioTel Care Connected Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

In addition, we have some exciting updates coming in the next few months:

  • Google and Apple are expected to release new operating system versions in August/September. We’ll be releasing new Validic Mobile SDKs to support those operating system updates.
  • On Android, we plan to release support for the Companion Device Manager, which will allow you to communicate with supported Bluetooth devices without requiring your users to give access to location permissions.
  • And, look for the ReliOn Premier BLU glucose meter to be added to the Validic Mobile SDKs this quarter also.
  • We also have some great additions planned for the marketplace, such as the Keto-Mojo glucose and ketone tracker. 

Updates from the last newsletter

We’ve also been working on some other great features in Impact and HealthBridge. We have completed our work to support a tablet experience for HealthBridge, which is a cornerstone of HealthBridge Express, as well as support for body temperature in Impact programs. I also shared that we are working on the capabilities to deploy an Impact program in both a web browser-based model and embedded in a clinical application, such as an EHR or care management system; this work is well underway and I expect it to be a main feature of my next update.

Sneak preview

We have several new things coming down the line over the next six months. I don’t want to steal too much of future me’s thunder, but here are a few things I can preview now:

  • EHR communication pool management – Many of our clients using EHR platforms have robust communication pool capabilities that enable a group of staff to manage a shared inbox. We are working now on capabilities to map to these pools so that your Validic Impact provider notifications are even more useful than ever.
  • Scheduled reminders – We will be carrying over a popular feature from our COVID-19 monitoring solution to Impact that will let your providers and members schedule what time of day they’d like to receive reminders for their monitoring tasks.
  • Heart Rate Rules and Visualizations – Historically, heart rate has been a companion metric to other metrics like blood pressure and SPO2. We will be adding heart rate as its own first class metric in our Impact solution so you can visualize these data and set up rules to alert you to high and low values and averages.

As always, please feel free to drop me a note anytime with questions or feedback. Email to get connected.

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