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Remembering 2021: Validic's proud moments, new product features, capabilities and data sources

Date: 01.20.2022
Validic Remembering 2021
Validic Remembering 2021

2021 was the year of virtual care. 

Over the last two years, millions of people suddenly experienced virtual and asynchronous healthcare for the first time. After experiencing the value of these high-quality, high-convenience models of care, they will expect them to remain available beyond the current public health emergency. 

In 2016, 7 million patients used a remote device to monitor their health. In 2020, that number jumped to more than 23 million. The number of people in the U.S. using remote health monitoring tools is expected to increase to 30 million by 2024.

At Validic, our mission is to improve the quality of human life by building technology that makes personal health data actionable. Our platform supports digital health and remote care needs across the population, providing options for a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, ready-to-use kit model that ships directly to the patient and hybrid approaches in between. We offer EHR and care management system integrations or a quick-start portal, which can be integrated later. These options help match the right expense and deployment models to the right needs across the enterprise.

Below is a recap of 2021 and a preview of where we are headed in 2022.

Validic's proud moments

All aboard the HealthBridge Express

In July, we launched our newest product, HealthBridge Express. 

Onboarding remains a big challenge for remote patient monitoring programs. HealthBridge Express eliminates the onboarding and enrollment tasks typically required from the patient and provider.

Everything a patient needs to participate in their condition management program will arrive at home, ready to use out of the box. The customized kits include a cellular-enabled tablet and pre-connected, home-use medical devices that require no WiFi connection, account setup or Bluetooth pairing. The patient inputs a secure, unique pin — delivered by their provider — to activate their account, start their program and initiate data flow.

HealthBridge Express requires the use of the Validic Impact remote patient monitoring solution and accompanying member experience app, HealthBridge.

To learn more about HealthBridge Express, check out our press release.

Epic App Orchard

Validic Impact, our award-winning remote monitoring solution, is now available in the Epic App Orchard. Through the App Orchard, organizations using Epic can easily integrate our solution into their existing user workflow. Our most successful partners know that embedding remote data and alerts in the clinical workflow is key to achieving program adoption and scale. Clinicians benefit from personal health data at their fingertips and may take advantage of this integration with a simple, straightforward App Orchard request.

Stay tuned for more information about our Epic App Orchard integration in the next few months.

HITRUST Certification

In April, we earned certified status for information security by HITRUST®

Hundreds of healthcare organizations across the United States improve operational efficiency and health outcomes using Validic’s scalable solutions. By securely and seamlessly delivering personal health data from more than 530 home-use medical devices and wearables into existing clinical workflows, Validic’s technology is driving a paradigm shift in virtual care and remote patient management.

Frost & Sullivan RPM Company of the Year Award

In September, market research firm Frost & Sullivan honored Validic with the 2021 North America Company of the Year Award after an extensive analysis of the remote patient monitoring (RPM) market. The award recognizes Validic’s market-leading capabilities for providing secure solutions to manage personal health data at scale. 

While Validic is undoubtedly honored by the award, the reason for the recognition is what we are most proud of. We believe that no one enablement and deployment model is suitable for every situation. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in supporting the full spectrum of fulfillment models, protocol design and clinical workflow deployment models. Frost & Sullivan’s recognition of this strategy validates its importance.

Frost & Sullivan released a report alongside the announcement, recognizing Validic as providing a market-leading suite of digital health solutions for remote patient monitoring, chronic condition management and personalized population health management. The report details how Validic supports a uniquely scalable approach to digital health, enabling a complete range of deployment options for condition management programs across acuity and population types. With Validic, organizations can implement small low-and-no-integration RPM programs, all the way to deeply embedded, enterprise-wide RPM deployments.

Best practices for scaling care at home for condition management

Today, Validic is powering the largest centralized remote patient monitoring program in the country. The program has enrolled nearly 200,000 members since 2018 (with more than 50,000 active today) and is supported by more than 5,000 enrolling physicians.

This experience informed our best practice guide, “Scaling Care At Home for Condition Management: Leading Operations, ROI and Market Trends,” released in June. These findings and best practices are sourced from a subset of programs managed by Validic’s 190+ clients. These clients are powering chronic condition management, incentive-based wellness and population health programs for people worldwide. 

Results featured in our Best Practice Guide include: 

  • 74% of members record readings two times per day after 90 days in the program
  • Average A1c reduction of 1.2 points in 90 days in one program with a type 2 diabetes population
  • Average systolic blood pressure dropped by 12% in 45 days, moving people from stage 2 hypertension to prehypertension numbers in another hypertension program.
  • 63% decrease in physician-member call time (15 min to 5.5 min) as clinicians no longer had to use calls to collect patient data. 

Notable features, capabilities and data sources

Core to Validic is our health data platform, Validic Inform, providing connections to more than 530 health devices and apps. Our team was hard at work to add new data sources, features and capabilities this year.

MOBILE SDK support

In 2021, we added several new Bluetooth devices, including the Omron 7 (BP7350) series blood pressure cuff, the Zewa UAM-820BT blood pressure cuff, the Foracare IR20b thermometer and the ReliOn Premier BLU glucose meter. Additionally, as Apple and Google came out with new OS versions, we added support for iOS 15 and Android 12 and Companion Device Manager support for Android.

New devices & data sources

In 2021, we added two new data sources for blood glucose monitoring, BioTel Care and Keto-Mojo, and Lose It! for nutrition tracking. 

Self-service client reporting

We implemented and scaled our self-service reporting platform. Self-service reporting provides on-demand access to key stats about your organization’s data and users. Starting small, the initial standard report will give you daily visibility into connected users, active users, new users per day, and the volume of usage by source and metric type in your Inform deployment. 

Validic Impact

This year, we added features to better support HealthBridge Express, allowing users to configure programs to support kit ordering during enrollment. We continue to rapidly advance the solution with new measurement types, ways of handling and routing notifications, and improvements to clinical workflow.

Looking ahead to 2022

In the new year, we will remain focused on our mission of improving lives through technology and committed to helping healthcare organizations provide better, more seamless, more collaborative care for their patients.

We will continue to advance our product set, building solutions that support clients in it for the long-term. We will continue to integrate more deeply with EHRs and improve clinical workflows, introduce new features like AI chat that help automate routine tasks, add new data sources and devices, and continue partnering with our clients to help grow their RPM programs and realize their full potential. 

If you’re interested in learning how we can help your organization in 2022 as you plan your virtual health strategy, reach out to our team at to schedule a meeting. To stay up to date with Validic in the new year, please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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