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Integrated RPM made easy: What a standard Epic AppOrchard integration means for clients

Date: 03.09.2022
Selma Pittman, Senior Director, Client Enablement
Validic Integrated RPM Made Easy
Validic Integrated RPM Made Easy

Solutions that work with, not against, the people who use them every day — that’s always been our goal at Validic. From the start, we’ve built our solutions to be platform-first and to integrate with the existing tools and investments our clients already use. This isn’t just a principle of ours, having digital tools integrated seamlessly into the clinical workflow is critical for adoption with clinicians and other frontline healthcare workers.

But implementation can be a complex process, requiring time and IT resources that not every organization has available. That’s why I am so proud of our work to make Validic Impact available through the Epic App Orchard.

As part of Epic’s App Orchard, Validic clients can simply and seamlessly integrate Impact into their electronic health record (EHR). Epic APIs root Impact into the provider’s workflow and prepopulate enrollment data to make patient enrollment and use easier. Providers and program administrators can get more out of Epic InBasket by setting up custom notifications to alert individuals or groups of users.

Epic APIs root Impact into the provider’s workflow and pre-populate enrollment data to make patient enrollment and use easier.

Most remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions require providers to open a separate application and remember another unique login to see important information about their patients. Then, to bring that data into the patient’s chart, providers often have to manually copy and paste data into their EHR or upload PDF screenshots.

Validic Impact on the Epic App Orchard automates these previously manual processes, allowing providers to:

  • Enroll and monitor patients in an Impact program directly from their chart 
  • Move seamlessly into Impact using Epic’s single sign-on (SSO), without the need to manage additional usernames and passwords
  • Create a workflow that complements their existing process, with the ability to launch Impact from InBasket messages and move between alerts to Impact

So, how does integration work? Epic’s Turbocharger package and Tesseract API gateway enable standard installation. On average, clients can expect to complete their installation in 1-2 months. Here is a high-level view of that process:

  1. Request access via App Orchard. Your request is submitted to Validic’s Client Enablement team, who will review and respond within 48 hours.
  2. Schedule a kick-off call. With access granted, we gather teams, overview the project, identify stakeholders and outline tasks.
  3. Installation. Epic’s technical services team will lead the installation alongside your team, with Validic there the whole way to assist with project management and provide support as needed. Impact installation involves the following tasks. 
    • User and security setup
    • Interconnect setup
    • Configure firewall access
    • Configure Epic access points
    • End-to-end testing
    • Deploy to production 
  4. Training and rollout. With installation complete, Validic’s Client Enablement team will help introduce Impact to your care team and train administrators. We’ll work together to create documentation to help providers enroll users, respond to alerts and develop best practices to monitor populations. 

The proliferation and availability of personal health data is transforming how we diagnose and treat disease, care for people in any setting and provide personalized care. Validic’s availability on the App Orchard is another way we are using technology and access to personal health data to make healthcare easier.

If you are interested in learning more about Validic Impact on the App Orchard, view our listing or reach out to schedule a meeting.

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