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HealthBridge Express delivers seamless virtual health onboarding

Date: 07.21.2021
Validic HealthBridge Express Delivers Seamless Onboarding Experience
Validic HealthBridge Express Delivers Seamless Onboarding Experience

Chronic condition management is one of the greatest challenges facing the healthcare system in the United States. Today, 60% of the U.S. population has at least one chronic condition, a number that is expected to rise over the next several years. And with a projected shortage of 1 million healthcare workers by 2025, and more than 75% of workers reporting burnout in 2020, technology will need to play a larger role in managing and improving the health of patients. 

To help patients and providers manage this surge, more home health care programs are needed. Continuous care models are best suited to manage chronic conditions. A recent review published in BMJ Open found RPM programs reduced acute care needs, such as hospitalizations, length of stay, and emergency department utilization, in nearly half of the studies included.

But even as virtual care programs become more widely available, providers deserve greater support to help enroll, onboard, and engage patients in these programs. 

Validic HealthBridge Express creates seamless onboarding

That’s where Validic HealthBridge™ Express comes in. Serving as an easy button for remote monitoring, HealthBridge Express offloads the onboarding and enrollment experience from the patient and provider entirely. With HealthBridge Express, a custom kit is sent to the member’s home, complete with a pre-provisioned tablet and pre-connected home-use medical devices. 

Everything a patient needs to participate in their condition management program will arrive at their home, ready to use out of the box. The customized kits include a cellular-enabled tablet and pre-connected home-use medical devices that require no WiFi connection, account set up, or Bluetooth pairing. The member simply needs to input their secure, unique pin — delivered by their provider — to activate their account, start their program, and initiate the flow of data.

With HealthBridge Express, a custom kit is sent to the member’s home, complete with a pre-provisioned tablet and pre-connected home-use medical devices.

Improving access to digital health and RPM programs

HealthBridge Express helps you reach and engage your most vulnerable populations. Populations exist on a spectrum and no chronic condition management program can be one-size-fits-all. Different onboarding approaches are needed to help meet people where they are with their chronic condition acuity and technical literacy.  HealthBridge Express is best suited for high acuity populations who benefit from the continuous relationship provided by RPM but need someone else to set up the technology.

With the release of HealthBridge Express, Validic offers a complete range of deployment options for condition management programs. Validic is able to power low-and-no-integration, small RPM programs, all the way up to deeply embedded, enterprise-wide RPM deployments. Our solutions offer support for a 100% bring-your-own-device model with more than 500 connected devices to a fully curated, ready-to-use kit model that mails the program to the patient. 

Device provisioning and supply chain logistics = handled

HealthBridge Express requires the use of the Validic Impact remote monitoring solution and accompanying member experience app, HealthBridge. The app arrives pre-configured to the member’s tablet and with their account information pre-loaded. 

HealthBridge Express can also support the use of any third-party device logistics and supply chain partner, with pre-existing integrations to Trapollo and iRedeemHealth. The device kits can be personalized at the patient level for device size (e.g. small, medium, large) or to remove any devices from the kit that the patient already owns. Any device supported on HealthBridge is eligible for use through Express. As well, the feature is supported in both English and Spanish. 

Patient experience, support, and connectivity

HealthBridge Express brings an unmatched level of ease to the patient experience for your remote patient monitoring program. Express offers a 1-800 technical support number. This helps your frontline healthcare workforce operate at the top of their license and do what they do best, which is not playing the role of IT. The outsourced support team can also make calls to patients who have been invited but not yet enrolled in the RPM program, to bolster engagement and address any issues. 

The support team is there to help patients with troubleshooting and ongoing device support to help maintain engagement throughout the program. The program includes the ability to cross-ship replacement kits for patients experiencing device issues to save time and keep critical health data streaming.

Tablets ship with cellular antennas and data connectivity pre-set. For patients in rural and remote locations with intermittent service, Validic’s proprietary streaming API shines — needing only momentary 3G service in order to send cached data from members to care teams. And for those outside of the reach of 3G, tablets come with an easy-to-navigate interface, making WiFi connection simple — with phone support there for those who need it.

HealthBridge Express: satisfied patients, unburdened providers

HealthBridge Express makes remote patient monitoring work for more people, improving patient engagement and freeing critical clinical bandwidth. In one study of a Validic-powered RPM program, 92% of providers reported feeling they provided better clinical care and 88% said they saved time. For patients, 58% said they felt more accountable to their health goals, 75% said they received better care, and more than half showed quantifiable health improvements to their underlying conditions.

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