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Harnessing the Power of Connected Devices for Effective Weight Loss: The Validic Advantage

Date: 07.02.2024
Selma Pittman, Vice President, Client Enablement

In today's digital era, sustainable weight loss is increasingly intertwined with technology. With the emergence of GLP-1 medications, many clients are expanding their offerings and wondering, “how can I keep users engaged and informed?” to reach their goal of sustained weight loss.  Luckily, connected health devices are proving powerful allies in the battle against obesity. They offer real-time insights and motivation that can make a significant difference. Let's explore how these devices are revolutionizing weight loss strategies and how Validic's Inform API makes it easier than ever for healthcare providers and app developers to leverage this technology.

The Impact of Connected Devices on Weight Loss

Increased Self-Awareness

Smart scales and fitness trackers provide immediate feedback on weight, activity levels, and sleep patterns. A study published in the (1)Journal of Medical Internet Research found that consistent self-monitoring of weight was significantly associated with weight loss success. Participants who used connected scales logged their weight more frequently and lost more weight than those using standard scales.

Enhanced Accountability 

Wearable devices that track steps, heart rate, and calories burned create a sense of accountability. Research in the (2) JAMA Internal Medicine journal revealed that adding wearable technology to standard weight loss interventions increased physical activity.

Personalized Insights 

Connected glucose monitors and blood pressure cuffs offer valuable data for individuals managing diabetes or hypertension alongside weight loss efforts. A study in (3) Diabetes Care demonstrated that continuous glucose monitoring improved glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes, which can be crucial for weight management.

Motivation through Progress 

Tracking Apps that aggregate data from various devices provide visual representations of progress over time. This can be highly motivating, as a systematic review published in the (4) Journal of Medical Internet Research found that digital self-monitoring was associated with greater weight loss than paper-based methods.

But How Do You Unlocking the Potential of Connected Devices?

While the benefits of connected devices are clear, integrating data from multiple sources can be a significant challenge for developers and healthcare providers. This is where Validic's Inform API comes into play, offering a streamlined solution to harness the power of health data:

One Integration, Hundreds of Devices

The Inform API provides access to data from over 570 different health devices through a single integration point. This means developers can offer support for a wide range of devices without needing multiple, complex integrations.

Standardized Data Model 

Our API standardizes data from various sources, making it easier for users to analyze and present insights. This consistency is crucial for creating meaningful visualizations and actionable recommendations. Consider that every data source you wish to integrate has a different data model to interpret, test, and ingest. Validic’s data model is the same, regardless of the source. 

Near Real-Time Data Streaming
With near real-time data streaming, apps can provide timely feedback and interventions, which are essential for maintaining user engagement and motivation. Our platform streams data to you the moment it’s collected. There is no need to call an API repeatedly or process webhooks; just open the data stream and wait. 

Scalability and Flexibility 

As new devices enter the market, Validic continuously expands its ecosystem. This means your application can easily adapt to support new data sources without significant development effort.

Regulatory Compliance 

Validic ensures that data handling complies with healthcare regulations, providing peace of mind for developers and healthcare providers alike. Our platform has a robust disaster recovery stance, and Validic is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST and ISO-27001 certified.


Integrating connected devices in weight loss strategies is not just a trend; it's a scientifically supported approach to improving outcomes. By providing real-time feedback, enhancing accountability, and offering personalized insights, these devices are changing the way we approach weight management.

Validic's Inform API makes it easy for healthcare providers and app developers to tap into this potential. By simplifying the integration process and providing access to a vast ecosystem of devices, Validic is empowering the creation of more effective, engaging, and personalized weight loss solutions.

As we battle the global obesity epidemic,  technology like Validic's Inform API will be crucial in developing innovative, data-driven approaches to weight management. The future of weight loss is connected, personalized, and powered by data – and Validic is at the forefront of making this future a reality.



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