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Digital health data: the key to driving healthy outcomes and engagement

White paper
Date: 03.22.2019

With the rapid expansion in clinical information available from in-home medical devices and consumer wearables, the next step in advancing digital health is to make accessing, identifying and managing health information easy.

For decades, healthcare was something performed on us rather than something we, as people, took ownership of. With the integration of technology into nearly every aspect of our life, we can now use devices and apps to monitor, baseline, and improve our lifestyle and behavior. As Peter Drucker said: what gets measured gets managed. And, the engagement with digital health devices and, as a result, digital health data has proven this effective. Health and fitness apps have become widely popular, with usage growing by over 330% in the last three years. How are providers, wellness organizations, and payers engaging users and incorporating these technologies into their programs?

Key learning objectives:

  • Best practices for marrying technology and personal intervention to improve health
  • Ways to use data to improve the patient-provider/coach dynamic
  • Measured improvements for increasing engagements and your ability to service actionable insights

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